Energy Efficiency Tips

Do a Little, Save a Lot.

Everything you do, from flipping off a light switch to upgrading your appliances, can add up to big savings for you and your family. Ravalli Electric works hard on our end to hold down energy prices. You can help control your energy costs too by evaluating your home and using the following simple tips to trim energy use.

Here are 5 tips that any good energy saver should not live without.

  1. Plug electronic devices such as cable boxes, printers, and TVs into power strips to turn off during vacations or long periods without use. Smart power strips make it an easy task to save money.
  2. Change your central HVAC system filter when dirty by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dirty filters can impact your home comfort and increase your electricity bill.
  3. Watch the setting of your thermostat. A one-degree increase in the heating set point or reduction in the cooling set point can increase energy use by 3 to 5%.
  4. Have your ductwork checked for leaks. Leaks at the return, air handler, and supply can be major sources of high bills. Mobile homes check the grill, cross-over duct, and downflow air handler, for leaks.
  5. An electric space heater can cost an average of $80- $100 per month to operate. Minimize their use, except for limited or temporary spot heating. Turn the space heaters off when leaving the room.


Check out these helpful ideas to find more ways for you to save.

Let’s work together to be efficient!